Morris Financial shall ensure that all Service Information in its possession is collected, used, disclosed, maintained and protected in accordance with the access and privacy provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and any other similar or related legislation, provincial or federal, currently in force or enacted in the future.

Morris Financial acknowledges and agrees that all Service Information made available to Morris Financial is proprietary to, and shall remain the sole property of, Gibsons.  Morris Financial acknowledges and agrees that the Service Information is being disclosed to Morris Financial only for the purposes outlined in Schedule ##, and under a relationship of utmost confidence and trust.  Morris Financial shall limit its access, use and disclosure of the Service Information to that which is required to complete the services outlined in this Agreement.

Morris Financial agrees to collect, use, disclose and protect Service Information in its possession to a standard that meets or exceeds any applicable provincial or federal information privacy legislation.   Morris Financial agrees to provide to Gibsons a copy of its information handling and security policies and procedures, including any amendments as they are made.

Should Gibsons receive a request for access to Service Information in Morris Financial’s custody, Gibsons will notify Morris Financial in writing of the request and Morris Financial will deliver the records to the Gibsons Privacy Officer within 10 calendar days of Morris Financial’s receipt of written notice of the request.  If Morris Financial receives a request for access to Service Information in Gibsons’ control but Morris Financial’s custody, Morris Financial will notify Gibsons’ Privacy Officer immediately and will not, absent a court order directing production or Gibsons’ consent, give any person access to the Service Information other than through Gibsons.

In the event that Morris Financial becomes aware of any breach of confidentiality or privacy relating to the Service Information, it shall notify Gibsons’ Privacy Officer within 48 hours, in writing, and take all reasonable measures to prevent any further breaches.

At the termination of this agreement, or at any time upon the written request of Gibsons, Morris Financial shall immediately return to Gibsons any and all Service Information and shall not retain any copies or other reproductions thereof.