The Morris Difference

Why you should choose Morris Financial Services Ltd. for your Employee Benefits Program.

One of the most beneficial commitments a company can make is designing an Employee Benefits program that will increase employee loyalty and maximize the retention of your best employees.

It’s important to select an Insurance Broker & Benefits Consultant who has the resources and expertise to assist you in developing this program, someone who will give you the maximum value for your dollar along with the highest level of service available in the industry today.

We will review your employee benefits to ensure the cost, the service, the benefit design and the financial arrangements are the most appropriate for your company. We will do this, at no cost to you, in return for the opportunity to present to you the quality of our work.

List of Services

  1. Secure the lowest insurance premiums for your firm by negotiating on your behalf with the insurance carriers in regards to their expense factor, reserve levels, inflation factors, pool charges, claim margins, financial arrangements and the renewal rating methodology.
  2. Review your benefit design and present a list of cost containment provisions, benefit plan enhancements, their cost impacts and the pros & cons of each one.
  3. Review your annual renewal rates to verify if they are competitive, excessive or appropriate.
  4. Provide an extensive report once a year, with each renewal, reviewing all aspects of your benefit package on a line-by-line basis including financial reports, claim reports, pricing assessments, etc.
  5. Review the past claim utilization on an annual basis for any particular area requiring attention.
  6. Provide a report at the end of each third quarter to project the upcoming renewal premiums.
  7. Consulting and Service of Group RRSP’s and Pension Plans.
  8. Offer Health Care Spending Accounts / Private Health Services Plans at cost +7.5%
  9. Market your benefits to all insurance carriers every three or four years or as necessary.
  10. Employee benefit surveys and results, including all distribution material and compiling of data.
  11. Provide draft communication material whenever necessary, in particular to benefit design changes, payroll deduction changes, carrier changes, enrollment material, dispensing fee lists, optional life rate tables, etc. We also provide benefit summaries for your staff.
  12. Provide group employee seminars at your request via overhead projection with hardcopy benefit summaries.
  13. Available to all your staff throughout the year to assist with any benefit questions, problems or concerns.
  14. Available to management staff throughout the year to consult with any benefit administration issues.
  15. Provide and administer premium-billing software to assist with payroll deductions and verify accuracy of insurance company billings.
  16. Our intent is to move all your group benefit administration from your company to Morris Financial Services Ltd.

Our 1st commitment is to assist you in retaining your best employees by improving your Employee Benefits Program and furthering your employee loyalty and appreciation.

Our 2nd commitment is to provide the highest level of service. The depth of our technical knowledge plus the ongoing service we provide distinguishes us as one of the best group insurance brokers available.

Our 3rd commitment is to negotiate the lowest cost while maintaining your level of benefits and service. Normal cost savings for our clients range from 10% to 30%.

the morris difference